Barbara, Minneapolis homeowner

  “We were really pleased with the service. Every penny spent was well worth it!”
     - Barbara

Barbara received a home performance test from our energy efficiency experts in December of 2001. AES pinpointed specific areas and cavities that lacked insulation, allowing heat to flow directly into attic spaces and out of the house.

  “Affordable Energy Solutions did a very nice job of taking care of every aspect of the project. Everything was clearly presented and explained to us, so there was no confusion and no hassle.”
     - Barbara

Our specialists worked with Barbara to create a plan that would produce an economic payback. AES then insulated and sealed the specific areas and cavities, and performed other services. After our specialists completed the project, Barbara immediately saw a 30% decrease in heating costs!

Project Cost: $1,981
Saved (12 months): $395
Payback Time: 5 Years


Chris, Minneapolis homeowner

  “The information acquired from [AES] was very helpful and gave me the confidence that the work I had done was thorough and complete.”
     - Chris

Chris purchased his current home in the summer of 2007. During the winter months, he was paying around $15 per day in natural gas just to heat the house! These extremely high heating costs were the result of non-insulated walls, floors, and ceilings. Chris hired an insulation contractor to insulate the entire house, then had a Home Performance Test done by AES. Our energy efficiency experts were able to pinpoint specific areas with the infrared camera where the insulation company had missed spots.

  “[AES’s] information helped the contractor to dramatically improve the insulation project. It was great to have someone advocate on my behalf. [AES] responded very quickly, was very flexible, and was able to meet my schedule.”
     - Chris

AES contacted the insulation company and showed them our infrared camera test results. They came right back and fixed the problematic areas, and insulated every cavity they had previously missed. AES worked directly with the insulation company, so that Chris did not have to serve as an intermediary between the two companies. After the insulation company completed the job, AES returned to test the house for a second time, confirming with Chris that the job was complete. Chris has already noticed warmer walls and a more comfortable living space.


Johannah, Minneapolis homeowner

  “The entire experience was great. I knew the project was in excellent hands.”
     - Johannah

Affordable Energy Solutions performed an energy audit on Johannah’s house in September 2008. Following the audit, AES worked directly with a top-quality and highly-credible insulation contractor to insulate the entire house. AES also recommended a remodeling contractor who worked on the second floor. The carpentry work on the knee walls resulted in a more useful living space, additional storage space, and an increased value of the home. After the insulation work was completed, AES used a thermal imaging infrared camera to ensure every area of the house was sufficiently insulated.


  “AES worked with both the remodeling contractor and the insulation contractor to ensure the project was done right from start to finish.”
     - Johannah


The house had no insulation at all, which meant that it was extremely cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. Very high heating use in the winter was matched by around-the-clock use of the air conditioner in the summer. Even with the air conditioners, the second level of the house was unlivable in the summer. Indeed, the upstairs level could reach temperatures in excess of 100 degrees!

  “Bruce was very approachable, and he explained everything very clearly.”
     - Johannah