Home Performance Testing

We offer a comprehensive home energy inspection to homeowners interested in lowering their utility costs and creating a more energy efficient and comfortable home. Following the Home Performance Testing, AES will provide you with a written report of the test results, and include information on estimated energy savings, costs, payback periods, and our recommendations of action. We are committed to providing you with the right services that will yield the highest economic return for you!


There are several locations in homes that are susceptible to heat loss, cold air loss, and air leaks. Click on the diagram to the left to view these common areas, and the direction of heat flow.
During the Home Performance Test, our expert technicians can pinpoint these problematic areas, and determine the best and most affordable ways to solve the issues. Fixing these problematic areas will lower your energy usage and utility payments, and increase comfort levels in your home.

Home Performance Testing is recommended for homeowners looking to:

  • Solve indoor moisture and indoor air quality problems
  • Solve ice damming/attic condensation problems


    This picture shows a large, rectangular patch of melted snow on the roof. This is a direct result of heat loss from the house into the attic, and is caused by a lack of insulation between the attic and the top floor ceiling. The constant melting and refreezing of the snow can lead to ice damming problems.

  • Increase comfort levels in their home
  • Begin remodeling projects using "green" and energy efficient practices
  • SAVE MONEY by lowering utility bills!
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Reduce overall environmental and carbon footprint


  • Visual inspection of the premises including attic spaces, building shell (walls, windows, etc) and mechanical equipment
  • Blower Door Test: a large fan that measures air infiltration (air leakage) rates, and locatei major air leakage points
  • Infrared Camera Inspection: Thermal image camera to discover areas of heat loss and air infiltration through walls, doors, windows, and into the attic

    Digital photo of the upper corner of a room with a slanted ceiling. Common construction practice, especially in older homes.
    Infrared digital picture showing heat loss through the walls caused by lack of insulation.  Darker shade shows heat escaping through walls.
    Infrared digital picture of the same walls after work is completed. Lighter shade shows much less heat loss.

  • Space and Water Heating Equipment:  Inventory of equipment age, condition and performance tests
  • Safety Testing: measure carbon monoxide and back draft levels
  • Pressure Diagnostic testing: determines thermal boundary of home
  • Moisture Assessment: measure relative humidity, check attic for signs of condensation, mold/mildew inspection, pinpoint sources and causes of moisture
  • Ventilation System Assessment: inspect and measure existing ventilation systems, determine mechanical ventilation needs


    This picture shows an improperly installed bathroom exhaust vent. In this case, the moisture is being exhausted into the attic rather than out of the house, causing deterioration of the wood and mold/mildew problems.


  • Inspection of Major Attic By-Passes: locate areas open to heat loss and air leaks into the attic and out of the house


    This picture shows a non-insulated cavity in the attic that is open to the inside of the house. These spaces are a major source of heat loss (air loss in summer months), which leads to wasted heating and cooling costs. Our energy efficiency technicians will locate, insulate, and air-tight seal these cavities.


Written Report of Test Results

After we have completed the comprehensive Home Performance Testing, we will provide you with a detailed written report of the following information:

  • Locations of air leaks, non-insulated or poorly insulated areas, and other heat loss/air infiltration areas.
  • Estimated energy savings, costs, and simple payback periods
  • Immediate Action Recommendations
  • Low to Zero Cost Opportunities
  • Larger Cost and Large Scale Projects: We can provide assistance in determining multiple phases and future projects according to your budget and plan

View a sample Home Performance Report