Here is what our past customers say:

Indeed Brewing Company

“Bruce Stahlberg at Affordable Energy Solutions delivered us exactly what he promised and was great to work with. He took time to understand our process and make sure the information he used to determine our tax exemptions were accurate and defensible. When completed we enjoyed the refunds that we received and are excited to see the savings of over the coming years.”
     - Tom Whisenand

Warren Mackenzie Studios

“I am a professional potter, working in Minnesota. Affordable Energy Solutions, helped to get a refund of over $675.00 on energy costs associated with my pottery production.”
     - Warren Mackenzie

Our Utility Bill Analysis experts were able to lower Warren Mackenzie’s utility payments by determining an error in the utility billing for his particular business. Warren received an immediate refund   for overpayment on utility costs over the past 2 years.

We have secured a credit for manufacturers, brewers, laundry/cleaning services, artists and landlords.